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Eagle Wing Tours is rated #1 whale watching tour company in Victoria, BC, Canada

  "We are Wild 4 Whales!­"  
  "All whale & wildlife watching adventure tours are not created equal!­"  
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Whale Watching in Victoria and Vancouver Island!

TripAdvisor has voted Eagle Wing Tours #1 since 2007 for Whale Watching in Victoria and Vancouver Island. We respect the investment our guests make to join us and we are dedicated to making your trip the experience of a lifetime.

At Eagle Wing Tours we focus on delivering every guest into the supernatural realm of the Salish Sea, introducing you to Orca Whales, Humpback Whales, Minke Whales, Seals, Sea Lions, and the diverse variety of local marine animals who call Victoria, BC their home. We’re bringing the Wild to Life!

Guaranteed Whale Sightings!

Eagle Wing Tours is Victoria, BC’s very first premier Guaranteed Whale Sighting company. We literally do go the extra mile (or 50!) for our guests. Between May – October the chances of seeing whales are 95-98%, but if you don’t see any, we invite you back on complimentary tours until you see whales! We go above and beyond for every departure, maximizing guest satisfaction, overall comfort and delivering the “WOW!” factor! Every boat has on board hydrophones so you can listen to the whales!!

Eagle Wing Tours offers Victoria’s longest tours (3.5 -4+ Hours) daily, on both covered and uncovered boats. We bring on board marine educators and biologists to further enhance your marine adventure!

British Columbia’s Environmental Stewards

Environmental Stewardship is one of our core values, both on and off the water. Environmental protection, social responsibility, and economic health describe our triple bottom line.

Eagle Wing’s mission is to work with purpose and passion on behalf of all wildlife in the Salish Sea, encouraging our guests to become more involved in the education and conservation of a sustainable, healthy, and more balanced marine eco-system.

Top 11 Reasons Why People Choose Us!

  1. #1 on Tripadvisor since 2007!
  2. Guaranteed whale sightings program
  3. Free hotel shuttle service
  4. Perfect safety record for 13 years
  5. On-board washrooms & premium extras
  6. Eagle Wing is family owned and locally run
  7. Eagle Wing's commitment to fighting climate change
  8. Low impact whale watching ("whale wise"); members of the PWWA
  9. Underwater microphone technology for listening to the whales
  10. Speed, luxury & accessibility in the most exciting tour boat designs
  11. Dedicated to customers who demand a premiere experience


Why Eagle Wing Tours?

We operate the industry's safest and most exciting open air adventure tour boats crewed by captains and naturalists considered to be some of the best in the eco-tour industry on Vancouver Island. With multiple departures every day and a success rate of over 95% backed up by a sightings guarantee program, Eagle Wing consistently provides the thrill of a lifetime for environmentally conscious travelers from around the globe.

With Eagle Wing you are embarking on the opportunity to bear witness to one of nature's most majestic & awe inspiring creatures, orcas (killer whales), in one of the most impressive settings on earth: the Pacific Northwest & Salish Sea. A true 'treasure chest' of diverse marine wildlife opens to you aboard some of the most exciting watercraft ever developed. From your pre-trip briefing to the possibility of listening to the orcas mysterious and beautiful songs via our advanced hydrophone technology, you will realize that you have made the right choice with Eagle Wing whale watching tours.

As passionate stewards of a world renown marine environment we are motivated to provide our guests with more than just, "a look at the whales". We realize that most of our guests have traveled great distances at high cost to experience what we have the privilege of doing daily. We respect, and ultimately are grateful for this and so with every departure we go above and beyond - maximizing guest satisfaction, overall comfort, and delivering the "WOW" factor!

You will be treated to attentive service by dedicated professionals who have spent their lives learning the intricacies of the local ecosystem. When most operators are heading back to the dock Eagle Wing captains are going the extra mile (or 50) to share the secret coves, gray whale feeding beaches, or eagle's nests that they've discovered and want to share with you.

Humpback whale breaching near an Eagle Wing Tour boat: whale was outside 100 yards  Bald Eagle Breaching Orca, Killer Whale Spyhopping Orca, Killer Whale

Our mission to you, our customer!

Eagle Wing's mission is to work with purpose and passion on behalf of all wildlife, encouraging our guests to become more involved in the education and conservation of a sustainable, healthy, and more balanced marine eco-system...



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