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When it comes to seafood, fresher is always better, and whether you are looking for some seafood to take home with you or a bite to eat on the dock you can rest assured that our location right here on Fisherman’s Wharf means that only the freshest seafood is available. There are times of the year when many of the items in our store have never been on land…..until you walk off the dock with them!



Dungeness Crab

Available live or steamed

Our crabs are delivered by boat right to our floating fish store by local Fishermen and stored live in our tanks until purchased. They have never been on land until you take them home. It’s almost like you caught them yourself!

It doesn’t get any fresher than that!

Better yet, join us after 3:00 for

From 3pm to closing only $1- each for our featured oyster of the day.

Call 250 383 6462 or visit us at

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